(From 12-100 Guests)

Two Course Dinners:

Gourmet mixed salad, entrée choice with vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes.

Entrée Choices:

Please select three entrée choices.

*Filet Mignon

$33 per person

10 oz with Gorgonzola brandy sauce

*New York Sirloin

$30 per person

12 oz with a Madeira sauce

*Veal Cuoco

$28 per person

Artichokes, mushrooms, peas, tomatoes

*Veal Sorrentina

$28 per person

Eggplant, mozzarella, wine sauce

*Chicken Portobello

$27 per person

Mushrooms, peas, plum tomatoes

*Chicken Valdostana

$27 per person

Prosciutto, mozzarella, wine sauce

*Salmon Siciliano

$27 per person

Artichokes, capers, garlic wine sauce

*Red Snapper

$30 per person

Lobster meat, pine nuts, lemon wine sauce

Three Course Dinner: Add $7 per person

Two Course Dinner plus dessert and coffee or tea.
Dessert Choices: Please select two dessert choices.
Chocolate Mousse Cake ~ Carrot Cake ~ Cheesecake ~
Tiramisu ~ Crème Brulee

(All dessert choices are freshly made on-premise.)

Four Course Dinners:

Three course Dinner plus appetizer choice.
Appetizer Choices: Please select up to two appetizer choices.
*Penne alla Vodka Add $9 per person
*Shrimp Cocktail Add $13 per person
*Lobster Ravioli Add$12 per person
*Portobello Mushrooms Add $10 per person

All items will be charged a 6.35% sales tax and an 18% gratuity. Beverages will be priced according to consumption with a running tab at the bar. Any outside decorations must have prior approval from management. Please confirm the number of guests five days prior to event. A credit card is required to confirm reservations for any private party.